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Important Notice: Beware of Fake Articles and Cloned Journals

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It has come to our attention that certain unscrupulous entities have been engaging in fraudulent activities by creating cloned journals and publishing fake articles under the guise of the South India Journal of Social Sciences (SIJSS). We want to alert our valued authors and the academic community to this serious issue.

Misuse and Legal Actions: Publishing fake articles and operating cloned journals is a severe offense, undermining the integrity and reputation of our organization. We consider this a grave violation of academic and publishing ethics, and we are fully committed to taking decisive legal actions against all parties involved in this deceptive publication. The same will also be informed to UGC and respective universities.

Certificate of Publication: It is important to clarify that SIJSS does not issue any certificate of publication. Beware of any claims or requests for certificates related to articles published in SIJSS. We do not provide such certificates, and any communication suggesting otherwise is fraudulent.

Payment Information: Please note that SIJSS does not collect Article Processing Charges (APC) to personal accounts. All payments related to SIJSS, including APC charges, are collected under the publisher’s name, Academy of Social Sciences. Any requests for payments to personal accounts should be treated with suspicion and reported immediately.

Report Suspicious Activities: If you come across any suspicious journals or articles claiming to be associated with SIJSS, or if you receive payment requests to personal accounts, please report them to us immediately at legal@sijss.com. Your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of academic publishing is greatly appreciated. We strongly advise all authors, researchers, and universities to exercise due diligence when submitting articles or considering publications. Ensure that you only submit your work to the official and reputable South India Journal of Social Sciences, which is indexed and recognized by academic databases.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical publishing and will take all necessary steps to protect the reputation of SIJSS .

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